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AppleTree Preschool is managed by Rise&Shine Education™

The Shine Advantage Curriculum

Here at Rise & Shine Education we have developed our own unique curriculum to ensure your child is learning and developing holistically; it’s called the Shine Advantage program. We know that learning letters and numbers is important for your child, but it’s only one small part of how they will grow and develop as a person. In order to promote the holistic development of your child, our curriculum consists of five key elements.


Smart Start

Knowing that 90% of the human brain is developed in the first five years of life really reinforces what an important job we have in challenging and stimulating your child each day. Our Smart Start program is all about the cognitive development of your child. We deliver pre-reading, pre-writing, maths, science, problem-solving and geography education, all appropriate to your child’s specific age and developmental stage. Unique to RSK, our centres each contain a Smart Start room. This is a thoughtfully-designed, separate learning space where children go in small groups to participate in learning experiences on the Promethean LED ActivPanel®, participate in ABC Reading Eggs and a variety of school readiness and focused learning experiences.

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The Inspired element of our curriculum is all about promoting creativity, exploration and inspiration in children. Creative play and artistic activities have a central role in children’s learning and development. Drama, music, dance and visual arts foster creativity, nurture the imagination and develop problem-solving, thinking and motor skills. We have also developed outdoor classrooms in our services as there are many proven benefits to spending time outdoors. Children have an innate connection with nature and we want them to enjoy and respect the beauty of the outdoors. This is why environmental awareness and sustainability are also a core part of our Inspired program, because we want children to connect with nature and become environmental advocates. You will see this in practice through our educational programs, green thumb gardening lessons and sustainable practices.
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Our Unite program is about teaching children to be socially responsible towards others and the environment, learn compassion, kindness and respect for diversity. This involves weaving diversity into the fabric of children’s everyday lives, talking openly about identity and heritage and affirming the rich diversity of our community backgrounds. This helps children make bridges across cultures and traditions and builds positive identities and a respect for differences. We enjoy engaging and connecting with our community through family social gatherings, community visitors, incursions and participation in community and cultural events. We regularly host events, information evenings and seminars for our families to keep connected and offer them support.

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With the obesity epidemic becoming a worldwide health issue, we believe it’s important to teach children how to nurture their bodies from a young age. Our Fit program educates children about their physical wellbeing and encourages them to take responsibility for their own health. You will see this in practice through our daily educational programs, physical health checks, mini bakers cooking lessons, Munch & Move program, gardening classes and nutritious home-cooked meals. Each day children also participate in sports, yoga or dance classes which are run by our qualified instructors.
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When we think back to our pre-school or primary school years, we usually recall a fantastic teacher who encouraged and nurtured us as children. When we recruit educators at Rise and Shine Kindergarten, we don’t only look at their experience and qualifications, we look for passionate and nurturing people who will create wonderful memories for each and every child. We offer professional development to support their growth and development, progression opportunities to support their careers and a supportive team environment because we know if they are happy, the children are happy. We also know when they are confident in their skills, their passion an enthusiasm is contagious and creates a fun and nurturing environment for the children. That’s why our crew are a really important element of our Shine Advantage program.

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